Clip Captures Surreal and Unnerving Sounds in the Woods of Canada

In the Canadian woods where several videos of strange sounds apparently emanating from the sky have been recorded in this decade, another one recently came out.

A video titled “This Clip Just Captured The Most Terrifying Sounds in the Canadian Woods” is making the rounds.

It is reminiscent of the videos published around 2011, or 2012 in which similar odd sounds were recorded all over the world.

An accurate explanation is difficult to find. Snopes has tried to “debunk” it, a far from black and white issue and failed, only able to label it a “mixture” of truth because some videos are real and some are fake.

Websites such as this one have been set up in dedication to solving the mystery.

The accuracy of Strange Sounds’ introduction is good in my opinion, having noticed the phenomena start gaining popularity on YouTube around 2011.

Reading from their website:

There is no clear consensus about the origin of the weird reverberating noises. While they can be understood as the sky trumpet of the apocalypse announcing the second coming of Christ and the end of the world, the weird noises have also been interpreted as the sound made by spaceships preceding an alien invasion. Or could they be messages from martians trying to answer the Aricebo message? And what about the HAARP project or Project Blue Beam that send sonic waves to alter the ionosphere and control our weather? Is this the sound of Aurora borealis?

Although many of the videos available online are hoaxes, it seems this strange and unexplained humming phenomenon actually plagues residents living in the USA, the UK and all over Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

A Canadian (WindsorHum) and an American (Taos Hum) Have even undergone scientific investigations to determine the origin of the mysterious and annoying hum.

This seems to be a thing that happens frequently in Canada. Does anybody have an explanation for it? Let us know in the comments.

(Image credit: Strange Sounds)


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