If You Think This Is a Photo of a Grandmother and Her Grandson, Look Twice

No, it’s not what it seems. Grandma is not breathing, and the child in her arms is not a being of flesh and blood. These are hyper-realistic sculptures, recreated with meticulous detail to the point where you don’t know if what you see is alive or not.
Bright Side brings you the best images from the Hyperrealist Sculpture 1973-2016 exhibition at Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao.

No, it’s not a trap. This is not a man hidden in boxes. It’s a self-portrait of the author.

Pay attention to the details of her feet, nails, and wrinkles. It’s incredible. In addition, the expressiveness of her eyes and face left us awestruck.

You might think that this is a nude model, but it’s actually a series of 3 sculptures which seem to be flesh and blood. Look at the details of the skin, the sculpture’s hair, veins, moles, and texture.

It makes you want to touch it to make sure that it’s real skin and your senses are not deceiving you. But the sculptures are made of silicone.

No, the drops are not real. Look at the pores and texture of the skin. It’s so hard to believe they are actually made of resin and oil!

This is certainly one of the most impressive works. The distinctive shine of the newborn’s hair, little fists clenched, the eyelids of the woman and the baby…. It’s amazing!

Excuse me, sir, why are you sleeping at the museum? Sir?

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