Is There an Alien Base Located in Hawaii?

Paranormal investigators are keeping a close eye on Waikane, Hawaii after a photo began circulating online that seems to show recent UFO activity in the area. A person affiliated with the site MUFON claims to have been taking scenic pictures mid-day on October 23 which, when later inspected, show what appears to be a disc shaped unidentified flying object.

“I noticed one of them was not like the others. At first I thought a wood chip was on my lens, but I looked closer and I realized I had spotted a UFO,” the photographer said in a quote to MUFON that’s been picked up by press.

UFO enthusiasts from all around the world are now convinced that Hawaii is the location of an alien base and are referring to it as the Holy Grail of UFOs. A landing pad has even been constructed there in an area called Big Island to make it easier for aliens to pay them a visit. T

o further make the area friendly to visitors from beyond, in 2014 the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary was created for the purpose of providing a place dedicated to inviting extraterrestrials to land, and to promote peaceful relations with them once they get there.


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