Lines On Your Palm Can Reveal Answers Regarding Your Marriage 

Will you live ‘Happily Ever After’? 

Anyone would jump at the chance to know more about themselves, especially when it comes to love. In palm reading, or palmistry, the marriage line is one of the trickiest to interpret, and often the most misunderstood. They’re considered minor lines because they’re not that easy to spot. These markings are located right under the small finger, with each horizontal line showing strong emotional experiences. Read on to know what your marriage line reveals about your life….

Importance of the Marriage Line

In palmistry the marriage lines are also referred to as the lines of union. These palmistry marriage lines are quite important when it comes to figuring out the kind of relationship one will have in their lifetime. You can turn your palm to the side and maybe use a flashlight to see them. If the line is deep, traditional palmists say this is a strong marriage opportunity. The closer the line is to the finger, the older you are when that emotional experience will happen.

11These days there are many individuals that go about ignoring this line because they feel as if it is not accurate, but traditionally this line often does reveal if the relationship is bound to leave a negative or positive impression on the life of a person.

Figure out the age that you will get married

From the marriage line you can get an idea of the age that you will get married. When this marriage line is situated close to the heart it will mean that you will get married quite early. If the line is located in the center of the mount it means that you will get married in your mid twenties. For those whose line is three-quarters above the mount it means that your marriage will take place in late twenties or mid thirties.

Understanding the Marriage LineThe marriage line should be straight and also long. If there are any breaks or markings, then it can indicate a drop in the relationship. For those that have a fork in their union line it means that their relationship will end in a divorce. Every single break will show the splitting relationship in a particular period of time. If there are breaks that tend to overlap each other, then it means that the couple had a split and they are bound to get back together again.

Heartbreak and Disappointment

If you carefully examine the union line you will find that most of the short lines that go from the heart to the base of your palm will show a break in your relationship. This will mean that you should work hard to build a better connection in the future.

11If there is a horizontal line that has a connection with the head line and the heart line, then it means that you are going to have a traumatic or a disappointing relationship.

Does this line show love at first sight?

11If there is a star marking on the union line, then it means that there will be love at first sight. You will end up falling in love with the person right after you spot them for the first time and will be attracted right away.

The timing for love

If there are small lines that fragment from the heart line and point upwards, then it will represent a compatible and good relationship. The right timing for love can be figured out from the particular point on the heart line where the smaller lines begin.

Child Lines in a Marriage

11The child lines are those that are perpendicular to the lines of union. These lines can be present on men and also women. It is not essential that the woman give birth to all the children that are shown on the lines. If there is a split in two, then it possibly means that you will have twins.

More than one marriage line

11Existence of more than one line is an indication that the subject will experience more than one marriage or relationship. More than one line curling upwards suggests the subject will try to learn his or her purpose in life. These people don’t quit any enterprise or undertaking. They like collecting and hoarding items.

Straight and long line

A long and straight line shows that the subject’s marriage life will be filled with happiness. Any breaks in this line means this person will face a separation which will be followed by a happy re-union.

Line that curves upwards

If the line turns upwards then this means that the crossing leads to the part of the hand between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line. Marriage is an important factor in most people’s life. In that case, many people would want to know what the future holds for their married life.

Marriage line that bends downwards

A line which bends downwards means that the subject will outlive their spouse. If there are lines which meet the marriage line but do not cut across it, then that is a true sign of having children in married life.

When marriage line crosses the heart line

It is a common occurrence to have a marriage line which crosses the heart line in a horizontal manner. This means that the subject has been with the same soul mate through many lifetimes.

A circle on the marriage line

When a marriage line has a circle, this can represent obstacles in the way of other people. There is a focus on trying to leave a lasting impression on others when the circle appears. This also means that from a rather young age the subject may have been controlled by a lover.

A fork on the marriage line

This can represent that the breakup of a marriage is possible. Marriage lines that end in a fork, like the picture can be an indication that the individual may have many problems with their children.

Vertical Lines on the Mercury Mount

If there are 2-6 lines on the mercury mount these are not child lines. These lines are associated with people who have a talent for medicine. These lines appear on the hands of those who heal, such as doctors or nurses. It is known as a “Medical Stigmata.”

People who should not marry

11Every one born on this earth is naturally eligible to marry. But Palmistry advocates that people with the following lines better not to marry. Such people will face severe troubles in the married life which make them feel celibacy is better than marriage. If the marriage line has a chain formation or there are several small lines drooping and crisscrossing from the marriage line. This indicates continuous problems after marriage. The person will see hell on the earth.

Girdle of Venus

A line which starts between the first two fingers and ends between the last two fingers and appears in the form of a semi circle is called ‘girdle of Venus’. Such a person would live mostly in the unrealistic world. He/she will be highly impulsive and emotionally imbalanced which ruins the married life. When the girdle of Venus is connected to marriage line, the person will have disturbed married life. There will be more than one or two disastrous marriages in his/her life.

A sign of divorce

In some cases, we find a long line starting from inside the Venus mount and reaching the Mercury mount cuts the marriage line below the little finger. It is a sign of divorce. During its course, when this line cuts a rising line from the Life line, there will be legal battle and finally the divorce is proclaimed by the court. Relatives and friends will play part in the separation of the couple.

But love conquers it all!

Most people find it informative, if not at least amusing, to explore the art of palmistry. However, I believe that love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you and your life in a moment.

The unknown but not hidden

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