Loch Ness Monster is REAL: Shock claim says UK Government COVERED UP Nessie discovery

Conspiracists have speculated and searched for the Loch Ness Monster since it was apparently first sighted by Saint Columba in 565 AD which banished it to the Loch.

Since then, there have been more than 1,000 sightings, and according to the official Loch Ness Monster website, Loch Ness Sightings, 2017 was a record breaking year with 11 sightings.

According to popular YouTube channel All Time Conspiracies, the Government discovered the Loch Ness Monster but decided to cover-up the finding to prevent a tug of war between two museums.

All Time Conspiracies said: “The Natural History Museum wanted to Loch Ness Monster to come to England, but the Royal Scottish Museum believed that, if it existed, the remains of the monster should remain in Scotland.

“Worried about the potential threat to the monster, members of the British government such as Inverness MP Murdoch McDonald requested that the government pass a special act of parliament to protect the monster from harm.”

“Why did the British government put legislations in place to protect the monster 40 years after the myth was reignited?

“After decades of searching, had the British government finally found the beast and were they hiding it?

“The plot thickened when in 1985, the British embassy in Sweden contacted the Scottish office for advice on how to protect their own lake dweller – the Storsjöodjuret.

“A few months later, Sweden passed their own legislation prohibiting the destruction, injury or capture of the Storsjöodjuret.

“The official Loch Ness Monster website says that this proves the UK government has successfully found the monster.

“Unless the government confirms the motive for its legislation, we will never know for sure.”

Sightings of the supposed Loch Ness Monster, which some claim to be a descendent of the plesiosaur whose lineage has survived in the isolate loch, have been ongoing since the sixth century.

Although many sighting have been confirmed to be fake, including the most iconic where its head is shown poking out of the water which was in fact a toy, many are yet to be deciphered.


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