Proof Of Time Travellers Found In Many Historical Records And Photographs

What if we could take our cameras and iPhones back through time, and capture pictures of ourselves in moments throughout history? Stand beside famous celebrities, mingle with people from eras past?

Do you think time travelling is possible or it’s just Sci Fi? If you had had the chance to time travel when and where would you have gone and why? Would you have changed anything or let things stay the way they were at that time?

Lets starts our CIS investigation with the steam punk time traveller

When: 1905 Who: a punk rocker. This guy was clearly a total amateur. He doesn’t look anything like anyone else in the photo! He’s got the Mohawk haircut (and whoever heard of Mohawks on white guys before 1970?), plus he’s wearing a white short sleeved shirt and everyone else is in long sleeves and jackets and hats.



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