Robert Downey Jr: Las Vegas Shooting Was An Illuminati Blood Sacrifice

Robert Downey has given a controversial statement regarding “Las Vegas shooting”. He said it was a “Satanic blood sacrifice to please occult interests of the Illuminati”. He further added that the oligarchs have “accelerated their agenda, bringing their endgame closer which is turn America into a prison”.

Source: Den Of Geek

Robert is currently shooting for the latest instalment of Marvel’s Avengers series in Atlanta. Earlier, he gave a statement on Las Vegas shooting in which he said:

“I’ve been to that hotel [Mandalay Bay], they have special weapons detectors installed and there is no way they would have allowed weapons in unless they were cooperating with either a federal law enforcement team or, you know, a fake law enforcement team.”

Robert Attacking Deep State

Robert further explained about Las Vegas Shooting. “You know there was a FEMA drill taking place in Las Vegas that day? “There was a FEMA drill and then suddenly it went live. Took all the actors by surprise. Suddenly it’s real bullets. “We’ve seen this happen so many times before.” “They didn’t even send an Emergency Response Team for hours – not for the drill, not for the real dead and injured. “That many people did not have to die. “Many more died for lack of a proper response caused by confusion. It was treason in high places.”

Mr. Downey Jr. says he doesn’t believe the FBI is responsible for the massacre, but he does believe they know more than they are willing to admit, and they know exactly who agents should be questioning. “They have their hands tied. “You can see the fear on their faces. “They know what they are dealing with and it’s above their pay grade.””Really they should be tying these top guys down. “We are at a unique point in history where maybe something can be done about the power structure that has infiltrated the deep state. “These treasonous psychopaths should be questioned intensively, and with the use of polygraphs and if necessary truth-serum.”

“JFK was assassinated by the CIA and Mossad. “Martin Luther King was assassinated by an Army sniper working for the FBI. “The USS Liberty, strafed and torpedoed by the Israelis, with a long-running cover-up by the government led by Lyndon f##king Johnson. “And don’t forget 9/11,”


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