Scientists have a new version of the destruction of Atlantis

Scientists believe that based on a true story about the explosion of the volcano on the island of Santorini .

A group of scientists from France and Greece have proposed a new explanation of the causes of death of the mysterious Minoan civilization and the origin of the legend about Atlantis.

The publication refers to a study conducted in the archipelago of Santorini. It is known that in ancient times it was a single island, but it was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano. Some believe that Santorini was the Atlantis, which is about the death in 360 BC, Plato told. He spoke about the prosperous island that has suddenly plunged into the sea and disappeared without a trace.

Scientists believe they have found an explanation for the birth of the myth. In their opinion, based on a true story about the explosion of the volcano on the island of Santorini. The eruption occurred in 1628 BC, It destroyed the middle of the island and caused a powerful tsunami. The surrounding area was bombarded with debris and volcanic ash.

The result seriously affected the island of Crete, which was inhabited by a highly developed Minoan civilization on Crete. In a new study by geologists from France found that the eruption occurred quite quickly. In just a century of fresh magma filled the void under the island of Santorini. Molten rock has expanded to such an extent that literally tore him to pieces.

Analysis of the rocks showed that first red-hot magma broke through the surface in the lagoon, located in the Central part of Santorini. Mingling with the sea water, it exploded, causing the island was instantly flooded. The wave formed up to a height of 35 meters. To Crete got reduced to 10 meters high tsunami, but his strength proved to be catastrophically destructive.

However, not everyone accepted this explanation. Critics remind us that Plato indicated the time of the destruction of Atlantis as the “9000 years ago”, that is, it occurred in about 9400 BC


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