The GATE Has Opened: This Insect Seems To Be From Another Dimension [VIDEO]

Footage of bizarre tentacled moth goes viral. Footage taken by a man in Indonesia has gone viral, with numerous online viewers being stricken with the mysterious insect’s terrifying appearance.

The video which was recently posted online has become something of an online sensation and has gone viral after being shared more than a hundred thousand times in the space of only a few days.

Internet users across the world were terrified of the absolutely bizarre creature which despite having the appearance of an ordinary, and rather beautiful moth, also has a very unusual abdomen with what appears to be several hairy tentacles which the video shows to pulsate in a way that has been described as “unnerving.”

The moth is actually well known to entomologists who have come forward to say that the moth in the footage is called the Creatonotos gangis which can be found in numerous areas of south-east Asia and certain parts of Australia.

Native farmers to the areas where the moth is indigenous will also be able to recognize the distinctive insect as it is known to be a minor pest which gorges itself on a diet of groundnuts, rice, ragi, sorghum, coffee, sweet potato and Lucerne crops.

They have also shown a particular fondness for pomegranate trees. But what are the bizarre tentacles for?

These dangling appendages are called coremata and are actually the scent organs of the moth which they use to produce pheromones to attract potential mates.

Interestingly, these coremata will only be able to develop and produce the scent pheromone if the moth feeds on plants which produce highly bitter and toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

While ingestion of pyrrolizidine alkaloids can make much larger creatures such as cows and sheep very ill, it apparently causes no harm to the bizarre little moth and actually appears to form a fairly significant part of its diet.


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