The mysterious living stones of romania: they grow and move! (Video)

Living stones

Years of research have led scientists to an amazing discovery in Romania. Yes, let’s all be scared for it is the home of Dracula and other bloodthirsty nocturnal creatures. Well, if you believe Hollywood, it is.

But now, Romania is found to be the home of something else truly extraordinary: stones that are able to grow and even move.

They are called ‘trovants’ and they’ve had scientists scratching their heads in wonder ever since they were first discovered. Very few questions about these stones have been answered so far, but the fascination with them has become widespread in a very short amount of time. I mean, it’s understandable, right?

These strange growing and walking stones have been observed to grow from a few inches to well over twenty-five feet. They can be found in the area of Costesti, a small village in Romania and ‘trovants’ which is the name these stones got, means cemented sand in Romanian.

The Romanian government even opened a museum for the sole purpose of protecting these amazing geological creations, and people are allowed to get a stone, put it in their backyard and wait for it to grow.

Funny enough, nobody is talking about the possibility of your ‘pet stone’ walking away on you once it grows. All disobedient and ungrateful, almost like the average teenager.

The basic observations science has made so far indicate that the stones start to grow after they’ve had contact with rain, preferably heavy downpour. And like this wasn’t mysterious and weird enough, researchers have also observed these stones moving from one place to another.

So here we have LIVING stones? Growing stones…that can move as well?

Science has not been able to even come close to explaining this phenomenon. At all. Nothing. Zip!

In absence of strong empirical evidence and scientific explanations, rumors and myths have found their way into the public scene. People try to explain the movements with magnetic fields, alien presence and weird energy vortexes.

There are also people who claim that these amazing yet strange rocks have been created with a series of shattering earthquakes that rocked that part of the world several million years ago.

The obvious method of exploring would be to cut a stone and study the insides, and scientists have done just that. The insides consist of cemented sand and salts. Strange rings have also been spotted, similar to the rings in the inside of a tree.

The rings of the tree are a testament to the tree’s age, but the rings in these stones still remain a subject of scientific speculation.

The living stones come in round, smooth shapes. No edges whatsoever. Their movement ultimately determines their shape, and with frequent cement secretions, they can even multiply.

As if things weren’t strange and mysterious enough already.

These stones, however, aren’t found exclusively in Romania. Contrives like the Czech Republic, Russia and Kazakhstan can claim their own little rocks of strangeness and mystery, as well.

 So far, all we have is minimal scientific observations, a truck load of speculation and rumors and a stunned community of researchers scratching their heads in amazement.



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