This Mystery Picture Of Dead Person Randomly Appeared On iPhone

Chilling footage has been posted online which appears to show a mystery corpse on an unsuspecting iPhone user’s camera roll.

The video was originally posted by blogger Julian Cavalero and quickly went viral, the Daily Star reports.

In the film, the phone’s user can be seen launching its camera app, with the morbid image then appearing in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Check it out:

Cavalero was alerted to the grim image by Nuvid Odeth, a friend of the iPhone’s owner. She reported that the phone had never been used before her friend purchased it.

Nuvid said:

He recently bought an iPhone that had clearly never been used.

He took a few photos to test the camera but after that he saw a strange image appearing in the corner that he says he never took.

My friend doesn’t have any social media apps on his phone, like WhatsApp, which could have downloaded archive pictures.

app3 This Mystery Picture Of Dead Person Randomly Appeared On iPhoneYouTube

The owner of the device reportedly sought help from local phone experts, but not even restoring factory settings has solved the problem.



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