UFO Was Noticed In The Sky Over Ireland [VIDEO]

Several pilots of different airlines have informed simultaneously about an unidentified flying object.

In the sky over Ireland, pilots of several flights reported bright flashes and UFOs. This is reported by the BBC.

On the eve of the 9th of November, a British Airways pilot flying over the southwest coast of Ireland reported “bright flashes.” The pilot contacted the controller to see if military training was being conducted in the area.

The man reported that an unexplored bright object rushed ahead of the plane. The dispatcher said that no military operations in the airspace were conducted.

Another pilot of Virgin Atlantic Airways, seeing a flying object in the same area, suggested that it is a meteorite, or another dense body that passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The pilot noted that several more bright objects were flying over UFOs. One of the eyewitnesses said that the speed of the objects was, approximately, 2 Mach (2,450 km / h). It is worth noting that modern military technology far exceeds this figure.

The Irish Aviation Authority has already started investigating the incident.

Were that alien spaceships?

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