Village Near Moscow Is ‘Terrorized’ By Extraterrestrials

A “parked” UFO in a Russian village on the outskirts of Moscow seems to be a surreal fact. What are you doing in this rural world? In fact, it is a monument erected by the locals to immortalize their encounter with extraterrestrials. For the inhabitants of the Russian village of Protasovo, which lies 50 km from Moscow, the little green men are not characters in science fiction, but something absolutely real that visited the place in 1990. Impressed by this meeting, the locals installed a metal UFO at the entrance of the village.

There are few who have not seen the extraterrestrial aircraft in their village for 10 years. Extraordinary visitors are one of the locals’ favorite topics of conversation. Among the residents of this small village, there are even those who claim to have had personal encounters with extraterrestrials. “It happened 15 years ago.A night I woke up and went to the window without any reason.And I saw a strange blue creature.á She looked me in the eyes and sent telepathic messages:` Come here … come here, ‘”said one resident.


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