Woman Shocks Doctor After Giving Birth To A Real Life “Mermaid Baby”

The baby born with underdeveloped pelvis and fused legs couldn’t survive.

23-year old Muskura Bibi surprised medical staff at government hospital after delivering the baby with Sirenomelia(or Mermaid Syndrome).

This is only the first case in the state and the second in the country. “The baby had normal formation in upper part of the body but below the waist its legs were fused together”. Lack of proper nutrition and inappropriate blood circulation from mother to baby can create this kind of abnormality in the fetus. The doctors could not save the baby which died four days after birth.

The mermaid syndrome or Sirenomelia is thought to affect one in every 60,000 to 100,000 births and this was India’ssecond.

A woman in West Bengal, India, gave birth to a baby with Mermaid Syndrome, or fused legs. The lower part was not developed completely. “The parents are a labouring couple and had not sought proper medication during pregnancy due to lack of money”, said Dr Sudip Saha, child specialist at Chittaranjan Deva Sadan Hospital in Kolkata.

The hospital staff added, “We learnt the mother had not undergone ultrasound sonography throughout gestation”. They learned of the deformity just as their baby was born.

First case of mermaid baby was reported in Uttar Pradesh, in 2016, India.

In India, babies born with rare syndromes or deformities, have been considered supernatural in the past. Only 10 minutes, the baby survived. In a recent incident, a baby born with four legs was considered divine and people started flocking to see the child.

Babies with Mermaid Syndrome usually die from complications linked to irregular kidney and urinary bladder development and function, according to reports. It is 100 times more likely to occur in identical twins than in single births. Experts believe that environmental and genetic factors both support the development of the syndrome. Due of abnormal kidney and urinary functions, babies born with rare deformities usually die at an early age.

Shiloh Pepin, an American girl from ME, was born with Mermaid Syndrome in August 1999. She suffered from mobility during her first few years.


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